How To Reduce Toxins on Your Body Before You Detox

Before beginning a cleanse or detox, it’s important to reduce toxins on your body before you detox. Many of the conventional products you use each day, such as deodorant, shampoo, makeup, etc. are filled with harmful ingredients that are overloading the body with toxins.

Here are a few simple ways to reduce toxins on your body before you detox

Choose Clean Makeup

Conventional makeup is filled with potentially harmful toxins. Many of us wear makeup all day every day. Because makeup is applied directly to your delicate skin, it can be absorbed into your bloodstream, along with many toxins. Choosing clean makeup is a great way to reduce toxins on your body and make a significant difference in your health!

Skip the Sulfates

Sulfates are chemicals used in cleaning products, hair care products, and personal care products. They act as a cleansing agent but contain potentially harmful ingredients. Choosing products that are free from sulfates will put you on the right track to reduce toxins on your body.

Use a Shower Filter

Did you know your tap water can contain toxins? It’s true! You may use a water filter for your drinking water, because for this very reason. However, people often overlook the importance of also filtering their shower water! After all, the water you shower in is covering the entire surface of your skin and hair. A simple shower filter can offer you and your family protection from toxins.

In addition to these tips, I recommend always reading your labels! Knowing what you’re putting on your body is an empowering way to take control of your health and reduce your toxin load.

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Anna Marie