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Anna Marie Martin Detoxification Specialist

my story, in a nutshell...

I'm Anna Marie, a Detoxification Specialist

I had just heard my doctor tell me that maybe what I was going through was all in my head and wanted to refer me to the mental health department.

I felt like my body was shutting down and I needed answers that he didn’t have. We had just spent 3 months running various tests and every single one came back within normal range.

I left his office thinking I was going to die without answers.

I wanted my life and healthy body back but in order to have them I needed a diagnosis and answers. So, I didn’t give up until I received one – Heavy Metal Poisoning.

I was determined to make lifestyle changes that would help my body recover and ensure that I wasn’t contributing to a relapse.

After researching where the metals came from, I realized I couldn’t make these changes over night because I no longer had thousands of dollars to spare. I had to prioritize by doing more research on which of the changes I needed to make would make the biggest impact on my recovery and future.

So, I made a list, and prioritized every little and big change I needed to make. What resulted was a plan that both put my mind at ease and was one that I knew I could afford.

Detoxification has been my passion project for the last 17 years. I’m ready to be the person I wished I had access to.  I had so many questions, I know you do too.

So if you want to learn how to live a cleaner lifestyle, I invite you to check out my Energetic Jumpstart, a 7-week group coaching program using my LYTE Method™ to boost your energy levels so you can get back to the things that really matter.

My Vision, Mission and Purpose...

I help women increase their energy by teaching them how to ease the toxic burden on their bodies using my LYTE Method™ so they don’t have to feel like they are missing out on life because no one should have to feel too sick or tired to participate.

Unlike most coaches, I’m uniquely qualified because I decided to become a Detoxification Specialist in addition to my Health Coaching Certification after being diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning 17 years ago.  It became my mission…

“To Become the Person I Wished I had Access to.”

My Core Values


It’s important to me that I stay healthy so I can be here for my family and so they NEVER have to go through what I did!

Make a Difference

I want to do my part in making the world a better place and strive to leave a legacy that helps the generations to come.


I love to share what I’ve learned in hopes that it can somehow help others live a cleaner lifestyle.


I consider myself a “life long learner” and believe I learn something new everyday (sometimes several)!

What I Believe

I believe that if we all do our part to eliminate the toxins in our life and stop bringing the toxins in our homes to begin with, we can all feel energetically radiant and create a healthier world for the several generations to come!

With my LYTE Method™ you’ll not only learn your toxin exposure but build your own custom Radiant Roadmap™ to remove those toxins from your life.

LYTE Method ™

When you’re consistently running out of steam everyday it's hard to find the energy to do all the
things that really matter...
Are you ready to feel RADIANT again?

How may I help you?

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Work With Me

I offer several ways to work with me, including Group Coaching, One to One Coaching and Accountability Programs.

Want to take a more individualized coaching approach?  Let’s chat about what you have in mind?

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