3 Ways to Reduce Toxins In Your Home Before You Detox

Before beginning a detox, it’s important to reduce toxins where you can for the most effective results. Your home is where you spend most of your time. It is where you eat, sleep, relax, and where many of us work. As the place where you spend the majority of your time, it can also be the place where you are exposed to the most toxins. Here are three simple ways to reduce toxins in your home before you detox.

1. Replace Your Cookware

Nonstick cookware is popular for a reason. It makes cooking easy and cleaning up a breeze! However, the nonstick coating can contain harmful toxins that end up in the food you eat.

Replacing your cookware with stainless steel or cast iron can reduce your toxin load and prevent toxins from entering your food during cooking.

2. Use Houseplants

Houseplants, such as Spider Plants or a Peace Lily, can help purify the air in your home and lower levels of pollution. You spend the majority of your time in your home, so it’s important to keep the air clean! Houseplants are a great way to purify the air, reduce toxins, and bring life to any space!

3. Clean Regularly

Household dust, dirt, and pet dander are leading ways in which you are exposed to toxins. Regular dusting, vacuuming, and mopping can help clear the toxins from your home. When cleaning your home always use natural cleaning products, as conventional cleaning products contain a multitude of toxins.

I hope these tips help you create a cleaner home environment and reduce toxins where you can. To learn more about detoxing your home and body and taking back your health, request a free consultation to meet your coach!

Anna Marie